Some Linux Tips


Fedora For Newbies "free webhost" "free storage" "free storage"
dnsexit dynamic dns server
freedns.afraid dynamic dns server dynamic dns server


These are not detailed help articles, but this is what i done for my debian linux web and mail server over the
time i use linux:

  1. Install The Base System
  2. Setup The DNS and DHCP server dnsmasq
  3. Setup The Network
  4. Setup The Apache2 Web Server
  5. Setup The Mail Server exim4
  6. Retrive your emails from the mail servers to local pc
  7. Setup the DNS server for Dynamic Ip
  8. Setup The MX for Mail Server
  9. Setup The Squirrelmail
  10. Setup The Samba Server
  11. Configure the iptables
  12. Setup The firewall
  13. Make a local APT Repository
  14. Configure grub2
  15. Install virtualbox additions, jre and flash player
  16. Some linux basic commands
  17. Roundcube web mail installation
  18. apt-cacher-ng a cacher for deb packages
  19. Install the HP printer
  20. Some other tips and errors


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